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Cossack Age exposition

Sumy Regional Museum Of Local Lore

Unique documents, a 17th-century coin treasure found in Sumy, 16th-17th-century weapons, blown glass, tribal relics of Ukrainian Cossacks’ foremen as well as materials dedicated to battle of Konotop (1659) represent the Cossack Age in Sumy Region. Originality is also revealed by such exhibits as B. Khmelnytskyi’s and V. Kochubei’s portraits of the 19th-century beginning, a 17th-century flask belonging to Hetman Ivan Samoilovych (as a legend says), a 1681 Gospel black letter with sewn handwritten documents pertaining to the saint Dymytrii Rostovskyi (Tuptalo), a prior of the Pertopavlivskyi monastery in Hlukhiv. Attention is also attracted by fitting boards from the Refectory Church of the Assumption of the Holy Trinity convent in Hlukhiv, which was built with the assistance of the Mother Superior Mary Magdalene Mazepa (Ivan Mazepa’s mother), by wooden elements of the Holy Trinity Church built at the expense of P.I. Kalnyshevsky, the last Zaporozhian Sich ataman, in his homeland — the village of Pustoviitivka in Romny District.

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