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History Department 01

History Department

This panorama was created for Sumy Regional Museum Of Local Lore

2018©Sumy Regional Museum Of Local Lore

A great diversity of exhibits is held in the History-Department as well where a long story is traced from the ancient times till the 20th century. One can see here unique tools, tableware, adornments, pagan amulets, arms (from the Stone Age till the Early Middle Ages). Researchers are surprised by finding here a wooden plow which was unearthed in 1921 at a Sumy peat swamp and dates back to the first AD centuries. A huge fame is also committed to Byzantine silver gilded vases produced by Constantinople jewelers in the AD 4th–5th centuries and found at Zhyhailivka Village in Trostianets District. One of them is decorated with a plant inlaid ornament while another one is supplemented with a bas-relief showing an Iliad episode by Homer.

This exposition is accompanied by a permanent exposition called Slavonic Ancient Reminders from Sumy Region where one can discern many valuable exhibits revealing a Slavonic ethnogenesis history. Among them there are garments from the 4th–century Sumy women’s burial place which were used in the Goths exposition (Milan, Italy, 1994).